Jul 162014

When things are going well, you let out a little string. And a little more string and a little more… All the while enjoying the sight of the kite soaring higher and higher. The higher it soars, the happier you feel.

If things go badly, your kite comes down to earth fast and you reel in the string as hard as you can. You only stop if the wind catches the kite and it starts to fly again.

Eventually, if there is enough wind, and your kite is well and sturdily built, it will snap the string and take off into the wide sky. It may fall someday, but for now, it is flying without limits.

Fly now. There may be storms on the horizon.

Fly now. There may be storms on the horizon.

Jun 122014
Cruel to be kind in the right measure

We’ve all been admonished to “Be nice!” at least once in our lives. We understand it to mean that we should use manners or behave politely, and there’s a broader meaning of “don’t make others unhappy.” But the word “nice” (as in “too nice”) also has implications of people pleasing for its own sake. And too much of that is not good for us.

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Jun 092014
Punchline board game giveaway

Punchline party game is one that brings out your inner comedian and will have your friends laughing (or groaning!) at your ability to make jokes. Each game is equipped with 125 cue cards to help you be your funniest – from completing limmericks to setting up a joke when you are handed the punchline.

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