Sep 142014

30 minute Lo mein recipe Joy Makin MamasWhen a friend need an extra pair of arms to get a new couch into her place on what might very well be the hottest, most disgusting day of the year so far, and your husband says “yes” to this extreme duty, asking only that you make him lo mein for dinner for afterward? Well, then, I guess you make that man some lo mein. I have limited experience with cooking Chinese dishes, and had never tried lo mein before. I looked up a few recipes, did some time calculations, and threw together this version that is probably not at all authentic but which was easy to prepare and made my husband happy. (He actually said it was better than the takeout version. That is probably no more a compliment to the restaurant chef than comparing my cooking to McDonald’s would be to me, so I won’t tell them, if you don’t.) Continue reading »

Sep 062014
Learning Resources Buggy Beads Giveaway Ends 9/20

School is in session and it is important now, more than ever, to help kids keep their learning going! But learning does not have to boring or “work” – it can be fun, too! Krista over at Savory Savings recently checked out the Buggy Boards from Learning Resources and shares how these boards make counting and math more fun for her girls in kindergarten!

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Sep 052014
RAHWR! Nope. RAHWR! Nope.

I’m glad to tell you that this dragon (NO. DINOSAUR. okay, how about versatile?) costume is up to the job. The sturdy cape is fully lined and closes with a velcro tab. (Not a flimsy tie or a hard to work snap- just a nice, well sewn tab that holds it on, but will come undone easily if the cape gets caught on something.) The mits have a slit opening with a little pocket above it, so your kiddo can pick between operating the claws, or operating their hands. It’s cute with the fingers in or out, both.

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