Black Beans and Rice Recipe horizontal Joy Makin' Mamas

Black Beans and Rice is a busy weeknight dinner in a snap!

Even the best of us have had a day that got away from us and realized that everyone is hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge but a few paltry leftovers that won’t quite make a full dinner for the family and the last of the milk. Oops. Time for some PB&J, or to pull a rabbit out of the hat. If breakfast for dinner is getting old, you can throw together this (meatless!) Black Beans and Rice in less time than you’d wait for delivery, and entirely from pantry staples.

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My race my pace with my shadow

Back of the pack, and proud of it. #IPlayLikeAGirl

Even “small” competitions in any sport require preparation. Sometimes weeks. Sometimes months. Celebrating every competitor is not a celebration of “losing.” It’s a celebration of dedication. Even if I actually am the slowest land mammal on earth, (probably I’m not, right?) the weeks of sticking to my training schedule that have allowed me to finish a race- first, last, or anything in between- makes it impossible for me to be a “loser.”

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play like a girl olympian girl ninja #girlninja

You could be the next athlete highlighted in #IPlayLikeAGirl

Use the hashtag #IPlayLikeAGirl to participate! I am so excited to see what some of you share! Creating a strong emotional connection with women and girls, #IPlayLikeAGirl is centered on a one-minute video that showcases sporty girls and young women practicing Yoga, running a mile, lifting weights, dancing and boxing among other physical activities. Condensed into thirty and fifteen second television and radio advertisements, their impactful messages will be seen and heard throughout all of the major broadcast outlets in the Dallas, Texas, region.

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