Connecting the Dots

I’m going to lay out a few facts for you, and you are going to go directly to a glaringly obvious conclusion that it took me six years to reach. In my defense, bath time is usually at the end of the day when my circuits are fried. But today we had one of those diapers where you open it up and say, “This Is Not A Job For Wipes,” so I was comparatively mentally sharp at bath time.

  1. I refuse to use any cleaners in the bathroom that are remotely toxic, on account of how the kids are in there all the time. I use regular soap or fume free, non toxic stuff in there ONLY.
  2. I have been spending my precious No-Kid time (naps, etc) doing what can only be described as a half-hearted job of keeping the bathroom clean.
  3. I always spend bath time sitting on the side of the tub, talking to my kid, while thinking about all the stuff that is NOT getting done right that minute. (Yeah, my brain is pretty much stuck on that setting, too.)

Yes. I know. So I chatted with little mister while he sailed his boats AND cleaned the bathroom at the same time for a change. FWIW, I did a much better job than usual, he didn’t seem to mind, and having a cute little person entertain me made it seem like no trouble at all.

It does make me wonder, though… what else am I overlooking?

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