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Joy Makin Mamas PR Media FriendlyJoy Makin’ Mamas is my passion project. I have had to grow and stretch and learn more than I ever thought possible since I became a mom. I’ve had a great many helping hands along the way, and JMM is one of the ways I return that favor by offering a hand up to others. All of us, as parents, are doing the most we can to create the very best family life we can imagine, and that’s what I write about.

As a “family lifestyle” blog, I feature parenting/early childhood education topics and I also specialize in content about food (my favorite) and books (my second favorite!).

If you represent a product that has the potential to make life easier, simpler, or less expensive for me and my readers, please contact me about a review. If you represent a woman author or illustrator for either adult, kids, or YA fiction, I am interested in considering their work for review.  (I am not reviewing books written by men at this time, unless they are children’s books about social justice, equality, or inclusion topics.) You can reach me (Meghan) at Sponsored posts are also available. Please message me for rates.

My Standards are High!

You’ll notice as you browse this site that I am very particular about our posts. I check them and correct them for errors and typos, and I also go back and update old content to make sure it continues to display and share well. You will not find duplicate content, unattributed images, or broken links in our posts- and if you do, I want to know about it, so I can fix it right away!

In addition to making sure my content stays relevant, I format this site for easy readability and optimize it for search. I always do my best to present our readers with an original, interesting, shareable, likeable take on whatever we are talking about. In every possible instance, I include things in my reviews that makes them “evergreen” content, meaning they continue to be relevant long after they were written. For examples of the depth I bring to my reviews, please visit:

Google is my number 1 traffic referral.

Social media referral traffic is nice, but it doesn’t last. To really get value from a sponsored post, you need it to be on a site that has content that continues to generate hits day after day, week after week, and year after year.  That kind of sustainable presence is only possible on a site that understands how to get search traffic.

Moms are everywhere…

To connect with other moms, I maintain a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I make use of direct mentions and tagging when I feature a product in one of my posts. This site sees significant month to month increases in our monthly site traffic regularly. My posts are promoted via social media according to a planned social media strategy- no link spamming or automatically scheduled tweetstorms. See more about my social media presence below.

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