Sep 302014

Crying is Ok here... unless you're a jerk. Joy Makin Mamas BlogI am fortunate to do my grocery shopping without my children on many occasions, and the joke about that feeling like a trip to Tahiti are all true. All of them. I’m never actually there without children, though, because there are always other parents who are trying to get this done with kids in tow. Mostly, they are surrounded by a Someone Else’s Problem field and conduct their business pretty much unobserved by me, unless the cuteness of their kid comes into my field of view.  Sometimes, though, I see some parenting I couldn’t ignore. Eventually, that kind of thing just builds up and you have to let it out. Offering up your unsolicited opinion on other people’s parenting seems to be a thing now, so I’m going to go ahead and join in. Continue reading »

Sep 232014
Debt Free Holiday: Photo Gifts

Photo gifts are the epitome of creative, personalized giving. One of my favorite, budget friendly gift ideas came from my friend, JMM Mary S when I asked for ideas for my mom for Mothers’ Day, several years ago. She suggested I purchase my mother an 8×8 photo scrapbook, and create additional pages in installments. I

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Sep 222014
#BigAppleCircus is a tent full of wild, crazy, and amazing... so, basically, it's a circus. An awesome circus!

Inside the Big Apple Circus tent you’ll find a lot of things- a box of ferrets, a dancing camel, horse riding goats, and trained shelter dogs among them- but the single thing you’ll find most abundant is delight. The show is performed in a smaller than average tent, so you are never terribly far from the action. In fact, at times, the show actually comes out into the audience and you may find yourself becoming part of the show.

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Sep 062014
Learning Resources Buggy Beads Giveaway Ends 9/20

School is in session and it is important now, more than ever, to help kids keep their learning going! But learning does not have to boring or “work” – it can be fun, too! Krista over at Savory Savings recently checked out the Buggy Boards from Learning Resources and shares how these boards make counting and math more fun for her girls in kindergarten!

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