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Apr 222014

Singing in the rainThere is kind of a perfect storm that happens when we are raising little children. They need us. A lot. It seems never-ending sometimes. Particularly if they don’t sleep well. And our partners need us. And the list goes on, and we forget that we need us too. We need ourselves. And one day we suddenly realize it’s been a long time since anything was about our selves or for ourselves. And that feeling can be very stifling. Waiting that long means this has become “normal” to everyone around us, and we may encounter some pushback when we try to make changes. Which makes us angry, because we are feeling so suffocated that any resistance to change feels like our families want us to suffocate. Like they don’t care that we can’t BREATHE.

It’s hard for us, as moms, to put aside the scrolling To Do list in our brains. The one that reads like a list of Things You Suck At Because They Are Not Done. If we do manage to ignore them, we feel like they punish us later, like a hangover the day after a night of partying a little too hard.  So we skip the things we need for ourselves. I know moms who regularly miss meals. Miss showers. Moms who have forgotten what it feels like to dress up. To wear shoes that aren’t sensible. I applaud moms who attend scrapbooking seminars, who turn hobbies into part time jobs so they can cover the cost of childcare, and moms who get up early for some alone time.

But this is difficult. Because the needs are always there, like water coming through the hole in the dyke. And it gets harder and harder to keep your finger over the hole, sometimes. So we talk about “doing the work.” We talk about love being something we do, not something we feel. We feel frustrated and angry and smothered and alone. We feel very, very alone, sometimes. When we are awake at some ridiculous hour of the night and we can’t get back to sleep in our quiet houses and we feel absolutely lousy because we are so tired but we can’t sleep, we feel alone. And that alone feeling blinds us to the other things that are going on at the same time. The colors. The beauty. The order that is coming out of chaos every day as our children grow. The fact that no matter how prosaic things look, they keep on being beautiful, too. It’s hard, through that tired, smothered haze to remember that these things are also impossibly beautiful.

I wish I was one of those smug mommies who think they have answers for you. I don’t. All I can say is that I’ll watch for the sun with you. It comes out, sometimes, even when things feel like a grind. Spring comes and the rain doesn’t stop, but at least it’s a warm rain. And you still have your finger in that dyke, but the warm rain has brought your friends out with their colorful umbrellas. And they will laugh with you. Pour you some wine. Hand you a cookie or a diaper or a wipe and laugh about how you never finish a sentence anymore because they get it. I don’t have any answers. I don’t have any advice, but I do know I treasure my Joy Makin’ Mamas more than I would ever have believed possible. Without all of you, I would be alone. But I’m not. So it feels like the sun comes out really an awful lot, and I am grateful.

And if you feel alone, please come have wine with us. We’ll sit with you, and watch for the sun.

Come join me on Google +, and we will watch for the sun together.

Apr 152014
Zipadee-Zip Slumber Sack Giveaway

Any parent can tell you that one of the hardest parts of having a little baby in the house is the sleep, or lack thereof. Sleeping Baby has made it their mission to help parents everywhere get baby to sleep better by introducing their unique slumber sack, the Zipadee-Zip! This swaddling transition sleepwear for babies, helps babies feel secure, keeps them warm and is very versatile!

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Apr 112014
Superhero Playdate & Story Time Ideas

To little kids who are just starting to understand that there aren’t always happy endings, the idea of someone endowed with more than the normal ability to make things okay is pretty comforting. Letting them pretend to be the super hero allows them to identify themselves as the character in the story who can solve problems- and there is no better way for them to see themselves.

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Apr 062014
Giveaway: Fish In Line from Learning Resources

If you would like to win your own Learning Resources Fish-In-Line measurement set, enter with the Giveaway Tools below! This giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18 and older. It will run from April 6, 2014 through April 20, 2014 at 11 PM CST. If you have won a Learning Resources giveaway on any blog in the last six months, you are not eligible to win. All entries will be verified. Winner will be emailed (consider adding gloriouslygreengal@gmail.com to your safe list) and will have 48 hours to respond or prize is forfeited and a new winner will be selected.

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Apr 052014
Spring at last!

Spring took its sweet time this year, and now that it has arrived, it seems to be working by my personal motto: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. We had weeks of snow and drear and no flowers and now everything is arriving in the same week. Cherry blossoms, redbud trees, cup & saucer magnolias, daffodils, periwinkle, and forsythia are just a few. Sort of supports the theory that our late spring will also be short, as we move directly into summer. I hope you are also having beautiful weather and that you are able to make the most of it this weekend!

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Apr 032014
Easter Dinner with one hand tied behind your back: HoneyBaked Ham giveaway & discount {Sponsored}

You all know that I love to entertain, but anyone who’s ever seen a cake decorated by yours truly knows that it’s all about the eating and the time with friends and family around here. (And to all the people who have found my posts by searching for “cake decorating ideas,” listen, I’m really sorry. Google must be having fun at your expense.)

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Apr 012014
Earth Day Every Day Giveaway Event

Too often we only focus on being green or environmentally friendly when it is convenient or when the microscope is on us, like during Earth Day. So Krista from Savory Savings & Gloriously Green Gal wanted to challenge you to make Earth Day – Every Day! Take everyday household items and replace them with green and more eco-friendly versions. To help you get started, we have this amazing series of giveaways to hop through so that you can win! Enter one or enter them all! Even better? There is a fabulous Green Kitchen Grand Prize! This prize valued at over $100 includes a gift certificate to Glass Dharma, Bamboo Charcoal deodorizers from Ever Bamboo and a countertop Compost Bin with compostable bags from BioBag!

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