Jul 292014

chocolate gingersnap muffin recipeThe first trial of these could have been called the “Nobody’s Happy Muffins.” My taste tester reactions (in the order they were recieved) were:

  • Mad because I put in chocolate
  • Mad because I put in blueberries
  • Mad because he couldn’t eat faster than he could chew and swallow (that’s my boy!)
  • Mad because he wasn’t allowed to have two
  • Uh… what’s in these?/not enough ginger.

They disappeared, though, and so I made a follow up batch, and they are about to enter the Pantheon of Family Favorites. You know, the things my family requests for birthday breakfasts and special rewards? Yeah, that list. (Mr. You Could Have Made Vanilla will come around eventually.) The tops of these muffins, when they are freshly baked, are tender and just a tiny bit crunchy, like a delicious gingersnap cookie. (My husband’s favorite!) The next day they soften and are almost fudgy. (Bonus: The white whole wheat flour means you’re sneaking in some whole grains!) The jury is out on the blueberries. They have my vote, but there were a significant number of down-thumbs. Let me know whether you’re pro- or anti-blueberry, ok? Thanks. Continue reading »

Jun 122014
Cruel to be kind in the right measure

We’ve all been admonished to “Be nice!” at least once in our lives. We understand it to mean that we should use manners or behave politely, and there’s a broader meaning of “don’t make others unhappy.” But the word “nice” (as in “too nice”) also has implications of people pleasing for its own sake. And too much of that is not good for us.

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