Aug 012014

butterfly and caterpillar lesson playdate ideasWe are lucky enough to live near an indoor butterfly exhibit that you can visit with (or without) your children. The first time we went, my kid liked it. The second time we went, he was a little weirded out by the number of butterflies and the way they moved. That is, until one landed on him when he just started shrieking like his hair was on fire. I tried really hard to reassure him that he was okay, and that the butterfly would NOT hurt him, while he screamed. He was being careful not to touch it, since we had been told that would hurt the butterfly, and he didn’t want to do that, even in the midst of his freakout. While trying to comfort him, I was also frantically trying to get the attention of a staff member to ask what I should do about the butterfly, since we couldn’t just LEAVE, because it would come along for the ride. And then we’d have shrieking because there was a bug on him AND because I had killed the butterfly, which really seemed to like him. I promise you, if anything had happened to that butterfly, I’d have killed his best friend. (Hey, they’re pollinators and we need them. I get it.) Continue reading »