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You could be the next athlete highlighted in #IPlayLikeAGirl

Use the hashtag #IPlayLikeAGirl to participate! I am so excited to see what some of you share! Creating a strong emotional connection with women and girls, #IPlayLikeAGirl is centered on a one-minute video that showcases sporty girls and young women practicing Yoga, running a mile, lifting weights, dancing and boxing among other physical activities. Condensed into thirty and fifteen second television and radio advertisements, their impactful messages will be seen and heard throughout all of the major broadcast outlets in the Dallas, Texas, region.

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This year are you going to be ready or are you going to be present

Are you ready?

We think about being frugal with our money and using our time efficiently, but do we think about the way we spend our spirits? The constant struggle to “keep up,” to be “ready” is draining. It batters us, and it’s a burden we don’t share with our families. Every single woman I know carries this load alone, sometimes even with the added burden of criticism from a spouse who doesn’t understand why it’s important. It’s a bigger load at holiday time, but we carry it all year.

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