Take Your Party to the 100 Acre Woods

winnie the pooh party ideas for kids

Whether you love Classic Pooh or Disney Pooh, you would have to hunt far and wide to find someone who doesn’t enjoy Pooh Bear. And why not? The stories are full of themes about friendship and helping one another and understanding those who are different. There is a lot to love in these books. Since they are so popular, it is extremely easy to find ready made party materials, but the charm of the originals screams for something hand made. Here are some resources for creating your own Pooh-themed party.

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Invitations, etc:

Decorating Ideas

  • List of WtP places for inspiration
  • Make a Mr. Sanders Sign for front door (Foam core board and paint markers worked for us!)
  • Position a “North Pole Discovered By Pooh” sign near the front door. (Stand a broom handle in a bucket if you don’t have a lamp post to be the pole.)
  • Pooh’s Reading Spot:Set up a child-size chair or two and a couple of comfy cushions with a basket of pooh books nearby. Don’t have any? Hit your local thrift store or used book shop, the library, or borrow from friends. Take a digital photo of a stuffed Winnie the Pooh “reading” a book and post it nearby.
  • Let the kids make a beehive and honey bees out of construction paper, then give them painter’s tape and let them hang them wherever they think they belong. (It may not look realistic or Pinterest worthy to you, but they will LOVE it.)
  • Add some edible butterflies to the cake
  • Use Winnie the Pooh cupcake toppers on your cupcakes
  • Free printable Winnie the Pooh Banner

Snack Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Activities

 Party Favors

  • Check your local thrift store. Mine has a killer collection of Beanie Babies in pristine condition- lots of them even with tag protectors- all for 99 cents or less. Stripes the Tiger, Hoot the Owl, and Pouch the Kangaroo, and some of the rabbits are remarkably close to the classic Pooh illustrations in appearance, and if you don’t spot any of them, a bear apiece will do the trick. (I’ve also gotten lucky enough to find full sets of “official” Pooh stuffies for $5 or less!)
  • Create your own Winnie the Pooh Peg Dolls. (Check out these for inspiration. You can get the blank dolls here.)

Above all, the Pooh stories represent simplicity and childhood for childhood’s sake, so once you’ve prepped your best, relax and enjoy your party!

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