Free Printable Valentines 2015

I adore printable valentines because I can print out as many as I need, and no more. What do you do with four unused valentines? I suppose I could save them in a safe place every year, and after five or six years I might have enough for a whole class from the extras from each box, but what would actually happen is that I would never find those at Valentine’s Day. I would find them every December 20th or so and think, “Oh, I should find the others and reunite them and then this year we can finally use these” until well past the time when I ever need them, and sooner or later you’ll have to call Hoarders to come in and dig me out from under a burden of clutter. No, thank you. I will just print the number I need. No fuss.

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Debt Free Holiday: Science Kids Edition

Science is amazing and, if you’re doing it right, loads of fun. It’s also EXPENSIVE. Or at least, it can be. If your kid’s favorite question is “how come?” then you’ve probably blown your mind more than once when you priced out gifts that would help her find out the answer… the good news is that there are fun, inexpensive science activities you can make or give as gifts. Your science kid won’t have to make do with theoreticals- he can get his hands dirty for real.

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Teal Pumpkin Project by FARE Joy Makin Mamas

Teal Pumpkin Project: FREE printable

FARE encourages us to consider painting a plastic pumpkin to re-use year after year. They also have a printable sign available. I personally prefer a little lighter and warmer style of decorating, so I have designed my own sign, which I’m sharing with you. Won’t you please pin it (or the one by FARE) to your Halloween board? Even if you don’t get ToTers at your place, you can spread the word! Thanks!

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