Give your kids the universe… in a box!

Space Scouts Joy Makin' Mamas
If you think you don’t have the budget for international travel, well. Try outer space. (Obviously just kidding, I mean, you’ll be standing in that line a long time before the bouncer lets you on a space mission with a toddler, an elementary school kid, and the diaper bag.) I’ve always been fascinated by the constellations and the myths they’re named for, but even if you never see anything in the stars but shimmering dots, they are still pretty magical. And also entirely too far for a field trip. Even if you’re lucky enough to live within easy visiting distance of the Air & Space museum, you’ll probably still find that your kids have questions about the universe, and that your personal experience is a bit… limited… to just the one planet. (And if it’s not, please email me so we can set up a day for you to come visit my kids’ classes and talk to them, okay? No, I’m not kidding.)
Space Scouts Joy Makin' MamasThe Space Scouts monthly subscription service sent me two months of their program so I could share more about outer space with my kid. No bouncer required, and you don’t even have to drive to NASA. Not only do the activities talk about other planets and star systems, they also offer an opportunity to learn more about what it is that astronauts do. I want my kids to understand that the universe is vast and filled with endless possibilities- but I want to give them that information in installments they can absorb. (And yes, a great deal of their time has been devoted to the coolness of the bionic claw. That came in Month #2.)
Space Scouts Joy Makin' Mamas
In addition to some really cool fun stuff and a great science lesson, the activities in this box include problem solving, pattern recognition, reading, and abstract thinking. Compared to interstellar travel, the monthly subscription cost is a bargain. Your final cost varies depending on how you buy, but you can get it for as little as $14.25/month. Space Scouts is for ages 6 and up. Visit their website and learn more.

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