Jun 042014

Backyard science all about bees lesson resources playdate activity story time theme

“I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee… won’t my Mommy be so proud of me?” Well, sort of. We’d have a teachable moment about leaving wild creatures in their environment so they can thrive, and also an impromptu talk titled Don’t Bring Bees In The House. But I would be proud that my kiddo wanted to take care of the bee, since we really need those little pollinators to be hard at work making our food and the plants that make, you know… the air we breathe. Bees: Defending the Earth against the end of life as we know it one flower at a time. Yay bees! Tiny little superheroes. (For kicks, read this explanation of the difference between a bee and a wasp on Words by the Glass.)

Not to beat a dead horse, but I love it when kids can do REAL science, and there are a couple of real data collection opportunities down in the Hands on Activities section, as well as some habitat creation activities. I would love it if we could create a world where thinking about the impact of our lawn plantings on the ecosystem was second nature for everyone. As more and more of our green spaces are gobbled up by homes, it seems more and more significant for some of those lawns to be made up of wildflowers. Little People Can Do Big Things…


Hands On Activities

More learning activities

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  9 Responses to “Back Yard Science: All about bees”

  1. I am highly allergic to bee stings and I am afraid I have passed on my fear to my kids…they are interesting beings though.

  2. I LOVE educational activities for young ones.

  3. Bees are okay. Thank goodness I am not allergic. Some people use their stings as pain relief. Who knows.

  4. My kids are fascinated by bees. I can’t wait to show them this page :)

  5. This is neat. I think my kids would like learning about bees. My son is fascinated with all kids of bugs/insects, etc.

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