Book ‘Em Kiddo: The Zoo

Zoo Themed Story Time or Playdate
What could be more fun for a pack of adorable little monkeys than a Zoo themed story or play date? Tie this in to a visit to the real-world zoo or extend the activity at home with live streaming from one of our nation’s fine zoos to reinforce what they learned at the playdate.

Coloring Pages and Printables

Hands-On Activities

  • Animal matching game. You can create two sets of cards and laminate them for long lasting “memory” game play, or do what I did and cut one set into cards and hang up or stick down the full sheets of the other set. We covered the tables with roll paper so that any errant crayons wouldn’t damage things, and I just taped our activity to that.
  • Create a Zoo Story Box (You could decorate the outside of the box to resemble a zoo!)
  • Zoo Scavenger Hunt (includes pictures for pre-readers)
  • Fingerplay and Felt Board ideas from One Little Librarian
  • More fingerplays from Stories Rhymes and Singalong Times


We're going to the zoo youtube

Zoo Themed Story Books

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    1. My kids seem to love tie ins of all kinds. They constantly amaze me with the connections they see between things. I guess it’s just their learning style, but it sure is fun!

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