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flickr frog Holley And Chris MeltonThis post contains information provided by my sponsor. I have no personal experience with the product.

We all have different landscape goals in mind when we choose how to incorporate water into our plans. In my case, I decided that reducing runoff from my property was more important than maintaining a pond or other permanent water feature. But if your plans do include a pond, large or small, it’s important to be able to maintain it in a way that doesn’t harm wildlife. My yard is a certified wildlife habitat, so I consider every addition in terms of whether it will harm the birds and small animals that my yard attracts- and there are a LOT of them. Typical yards house not only small mammals, but lizards and birds as well. Some of our migratory birds are increasingly threatened by pollution and loss of green spaces. I know that if you put in a lovely pond, the last thing you want is for it to pose a danger to nearby birds. After all, not only are songbirds beautiful and fun to listen to, but they eat bugs! Let’s focus on that for a second: Less bugs means fewer spiders, and fewer spiders means less chance you’ll have to burn down everything you own and flee, like that family who found out their house was infested with brown recluse spiders. (Scuse me, I’m just going to go wash off all the creepy crawlies with napalm. ACK.)frog Chris Luczkow flickr

Even so, you are not going to want to fish in or enjoy your pond if it’s covered with a biofilm from decomposing plants. (Not as icky as spiders, but still icky.) NT-MAX makes a pond cleaner that will break down the biofilm so you can have a clearer, prettier pond without harming pets or wildlife.

NT-MAX is the Strongest Chemical Free Commercial Grade Lake and Pond Treatment Available on the Market Today!

Our Powerful Bacterial Strains are the Fastest, Most Effective and Strongest. NT-MAX Continually Multiplies – Producing Enzymes that Aggressively Digest and Consume decayed Sludge, Algae, Duckweed, Leaves, Grass Clippings, Fecal Matter and other organic material clouding and destroying your lake, pond or lagoons appearance.Environmentally Safe – Will not harm Humans, Pets or Fish
No Toxic Chemicals – Does Not Build up in Soil
Prevent Costly Dredging
Eliminate Foul Odor and Smells
Digests up to 1000 lbs. of Compacted Sludge within 24 Hours
12 Trillion Bacteria Thrive on Nutrients that Promote Problems
Lab Cultivated Strains Consume Dead Algae and then Digest Them
Pennies Per Day can Save you Tens of Thousands in Dredging Costs
Commercial Grade NT-MAX Liquefies Sludge into water and Co2.

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