You are the sunshine of my life Sunflower Birthday Party plus Free Printables

sunshine of my life sunflower party theme banner wideBirthdays always make me want to celebrate my life and all the people who make it so beautiful. Which is why, this year, I hosted a You Are The Sunshine of My Life party to celebrate the beginning of my next trip around the sun. There are so, so many people my life wouldn’t be the same without, and I wanted to gather them all around me. It is a beautiful thing to have a life full of wonderful people who care about you. It is like having a life full of sunshine.

I am not one of those people who truly enjoy to spend a lot of time and money creating elaborately decorated partyscapes. I’m just not. I think they are beautiful and impressive, but they just are not me. What I really love about parties is the time with my guests. I do like to decorate for a party- I just prefer to keep it fairly simple, and I like to use things that don’t go straight in the trash afterwards. So my checklist is: time saver, money saver, and reusable/recyclable.

Oriental Trading Company provided me with supplies for this party so I could evaluate them and let you know how they rate on the Slacker Party Scale. I was not compensated for the creation of this post, and I was asked only to give you my honest opinion of the items I selected.

Sunshine of my life sunflower party decorations

I lined my front walk with sunflower yard stakes (sadly discontinued, although they have a different sunflower yard stake available) and added a cheerful sunflower girl to my party table, both from Oriental Trading. These are reusable items that were perfect straight out of the box. (Slacker Party Planning WIN.) The yard stakes are cute, festive, and of surprisingly good quality for their price tag. I got a lot of compliments on them from my guests as they arrived, so I guess they put everyone in a party mood!  I also did a few easy crafty projects to make my party special.  Click through the gallery to see project notes for my free printable bunting, super easy sunflower cake, and DIY giant sunflower decoration that doubles as your party favors.

free printable sunflower party invitation

Free Sunshine of My Life Sunflower Party Printables from Joy Makin’ Mamas

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  1. I have the tendency to go crafting crazy when it’s my kids’ birthday! They don’t always turn out great so I’m always on the lookout for ideas.

    1. My son actually helped string the bunting, and you could easily do the giant sunflower project with children, since it’s mostly just painting the fans in solid colors.

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