Watering is very important.

zombie frong will eat you

I should probably buy a new sprinkler.

or not.

I haven’t decided. This one used to be cute. Now it’s… well. If you don’t hear from me for 24 hours, come see if it’s eaten my family in our sleep, okay? Thanks.

How does my garden grow

The garden is going well. I have flowers again. The squirrels got the first of my tomatoes, but I should have more soon. Ian’s watermelon is planning a hostile takeover of the sidewalk. We are seeing some bees in our pollinator habitat, but still painfully few butterflies. One monarch, and an unconfirmed, possibly black butterfly from a distance. The milkweed is strong and sturdy, but no flowers yet, and it doesn’t seem to be as tall as I’d have expected for this point in the year. We’ll see what happens. (But! Still Not Dead.)

And it seems our wren family has fledged, although I didn’t see it happen. We visited a local park that has a Monarch Waystation over the weekend, and I got a chance to geek out over some of the species I’ve been contemplating but haven’t planted yet. FYI? Joe Pye Weed is TALL. Like, taller than Sean Connery tall. I’m going to have to plan carefully before I add that.

Oh, and I still have enough black eyed susans to outfit all comers. Really. I’ll dig some up for you.

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14 Comments on “Watering is very important.”

    1. Kiddo reported a hummingbird that I didn’t see this morning, too… I think we are providing the right environment, we just had a very harsh winter here and this may not be a good year for them. 🙁

  1. Zombie frog, brilliant! Fingers crossed you’re still with us in 24 hours time 😉 I’m thinking about getting a milkweed for the garden to attract the butterflies. Will be interested to see how many yours attracts when it flowers. The garden seems very quiet when the birds fledge doesn’t it?

    1. I had to make my own… 🙂 Started them from seed this spring. People who know things about things like butterfly populations are urging folks to plant a few as “waystations” so the monarchs don’t starve. Otherwise they say the monarch migration will disappear sometime within our lifetime.

  2. We’ve had such dry weather here of late that I’ve been watering everything twice a day – sometimes more! At least I’m safe from the zombie frog 😉
    Thanks for joining in x

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