#MonsterJam doesn’t disappoint!

Monster Jam 2014 Joy Makin Mamas ReviewMy kids love monster trucks, they love mayhem, and they love noise, so Monster Jam hits the trifecta as far as we are concerned. It’s hard to say which part of Monster Jam we enjoyed most. The stunts, the recovery crane, the digger fixing up the course during intermission… They all were all well received by my two. The pogo jumps were a sleeper hit- when they came out I thought they might be a little tame for my guys, but between the lights on the pogos and the full size closeup on the display screen that allowed my 7 year old to pay close attention to the stunts, the kids were riveted.

Monster Jam is a great opportunity for truck lovers (and the people who love them) of any age to see Monster Trucks in action. The drivers put these through their paces and we saw these trucks every possible way including upside down, sideways, and stuck standing on the rear bumper! Showmanship keeps the momentum going even when they have to park the trucks to prepare for the next event. Athletic minded kids will enjoy observing how the quad racers steer their vehicles (spoiler: they slide their butts from side to side to help with the turns, even hanging completely off the seat in some cases), and there is just generally a lot of entertainment you won’t see anywhere else.

Monster Jam Feel the excitement! Joy Makin' Mamas

Ear protection is a must! We were worried about whether our 3 year old would keep his in. Bob the Builder has trained him well, however, because he grabbed them and put them in himself. (And kept them in!) this is not your garden variety kind of loud. This is a feel it in your bones make your guts vibrate kind of loud. The announcer frequently invites the audience to “make some noise,” and my kids were thrilled to comply. In other words… even if you didn’t need ear protection for the trucks, you would want it once the place is filled with screaming, shouting, monster truck fans.

The show is two hours with a short intermission. That is a long show for kids- mine are 7 & 3. We found that a couple of potty and food trips outside of intermission helped them hang in when normally they’d have hit their limit on sitting no matter how interesting the show. (And ladies… Go before intermission unless you just like standing in line.)

Event parking is in the Verizon Center garage or one of the other nearby garages. (You can also take Metro, but we haven’t done it.) Something we wish we had done for this event is check Parking Panda before we left home to compare prices. We used them on another recent outing, and it took all the pressure off trying to figure out where to park. (I don’t get anything for telling you about it, we just found it made our lives easier.) Get full show information, including future tour dates and ticket purchase links, here.

I received tickets to this show to facilitate my completely honest review. I have not been compensated for the creation of this post, and the content of the post was created at my own absolute discretion.

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