Teal Pumpkin Project by FARE Joy Makin Mamas

Teal Pumpkin Project: FREE printable

FARE encourages us to consider painting a plastic pumpkin to re-use year after year. They also have a printable sign available. I personally prefer a little lighter and warmer style of decorating, so I have designed my own sign, which I’m sharing with you. Won’t you please pin it (or the one by FARE) to your Halloween board? Even if you don’t get ToTers at your place, you can spread the word! Thanks!

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Halloween playdate or story time Joy Makin Mamas

One, two, BOO! A spooky story time plan

Despite the fact that my kiddo is deeply ambivalent about his costume, we are all looking forward to Halloween at my house! And there is no better way to celebrate any holiday, in my opinion, than with hands-on learning activities and a nice story time. This roundup has got messy play, recycling bin crafts, printable games, and fun Halloween snacks your kids will love to make. Maybe it will buy us all a little reprieve from answering “is it Halloween yet?”

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Halloween Adventures Boys Medieval Dragon Costume Review

RAHWR! Nope. RAHWR! Nope.

I’m glad to tell you that this dragon (NO. DINOSAUR. okay, how about versatile?) costume is up to the job. The sturdy cape is fully lined and closes with a velcro tab. (Not a flimsy tie or a hard to work snap- just a nice, well sewn tab that holds it on, but will come undone easily if the cape gets caught on something.) The mits have a slit opening with a little pocket above it, so your kiddo can pick between operating the claws, or operating their hands. It’s cute with the fingers in or out, both.

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