Please make a Kiva loan today for FREE and share one of Becky’s Hugs.

All of us have had special people in our lives whom we lost too soon. Becky was one of those people for me. Valentine’s Day was her birthday, and it would really mean a lot to me if you’d spare a little time for this request from Becky’s Hugs, the organization founded by her family to spread love in her name. It’ll take you about two minutes, and it will make a real difference in the world… so please? It’ll make you feel good!
Free Hugs! In Becky’s Honor Joy Makin’ Mamas

My friends at Becky’s Hugs? would love it if you could commemorate Becky’s birthday today by making a Kiva? loan on their team. And Vita Coco is offering an opportunity for you to get $25 to loan for completing a short, three question survey on their site. (They do request a name and an email address.) So you can help move this project along by donating about 2 minutes of your time.

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Free Printable Valentines 2015

I adore printable valentines because I can print out as many as I need, and no more. What do you do with four unused valentines? I suppose I could save them in a safe place every year, and after five or six years I might have enough for a whole class from the extras from each box, but what would actually happen is that I would never find those at Valentine’s Day. I would find them every December 20th or so and think, “Oh, I should find the others and reunite them and then this year we can finally use these” until well past the time when I ever need them, and sooner or later you’ll have to call Hoarders to come in and dig me out from under a burden of clutter. No, thank you. I will just print the number I need. No fuss.

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Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium Baltimore Sidewalk View Joy Makin' Mamas Review

The most kid friendly museum you have ever seen is here!

Many outings with my kids have proven that they are the ULTIMATE litmus test for how family friendly an activity is. If it’s not going to hold a kid’s interest or there is some major flaw in the execution of the activity, my kids will be the ones to exploit it and take the whole thing down in (hopefully metaphorical) flames. So when I tell you that this was the MOST child friendly attraction we’ve ever done? That’s serious.

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