Let’s Get Messy: Shaving Cream Play

…in which we learn that not every activity is a winner for every child.
Shaving Cream play is not for me.

And that was the end of that. Notice, however, that he has shaving cream not only on the play kitchen, but also in his hair and on his clothes. By the time I clicked “stop” on this video, it was also on the carpet, all over me, and on the walls. It all wiped up in less than two minutes with a clean cloth. I didn’t even have to change my outfit.

The other upside? The play kitchen is super, super clean now. Test drive this with your kids. If they like it, lather up the kitchen table and let them go nuts- it’ll buy you some time to prep a meal, and you’ll finish up with a nice, clean table to serve it on!

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2 Comments on “Let’s Get Messy: Shaving Cream Play”

  1. Thanks so much for the Video and information on Let’s Get Messy with Shaving Cream! Too cute! I never thought of this when my kids were little! I know that when my first daughter was little, she used to love to hold the whipped cream can and someone push on it and the whipped cream would go all over her mouth, etc. She loved it! I have Grandchildren now….HRMMMM maybe next time I visit them in Kentucky, I’ll have to bring some shaving cream for them to play with! Thanks for the great idea! I love it! Michele 🙂

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