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The Grill is open! Plus Barbecue sauce recipe

great grilling plus barbecue sauce recipeGrilling season. AT LAST. Oh, how I’ve missed you, grilling season, with your amazing flavors and your ALMOST NO DISHES AFTER DINNER. Sorry, I got distracted from talking about the food. But really, isn’t that one of the best parts of grilling season? Throwing stuff on the grill means you don’t have a lot of baked on crud to soak off a pan after dinner is ready, and I’ve had everything from grilled pizza to grilled zucchini to steak that blew me away. (This year I am dying to grill a pineapple!) In other words, no pots and pans… AT ALL. As long as the grill is hot, do your sides out there, too. Veggies on skewers or in grilling baskets are the perfect (in my always hungry opinion) pairing for grilled main courses. Continue reading The Grill is open! Plus Barbecue sauce recipe