Disney on Ice Presents Frozen A Joy Makin Mamas Review

Disney on Ice is more spectacular than ever with Frozen!

Disney on Ice presents Frozen surprised me by being even MORE visually spectacular than other Disney on Ice presentations I’ve seen. From the incredibly detailed costumes to the incredibly vibrant color palette, the show was eye candy from start to finish. The iconic costumes were, obviously, interpreted for freedom of movement, so if you have an active princess on your hands, you might want to fuel her imagination with one of these versions, if you can.

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Lego KidsFest review by Joy Makin Mamas

#LegoKidsFest is a Full Immersion Lego Experience!

If you’ve ever wanted to take your kid to a LEGO theme park and been disappointed that it was too far away, then cross your fingers that Lego KidsFest will be coming to a town near you. Apparently, being near this many LEGO bricks produces a contact high in small children and my kids are not immune. If LEGO KidsFest had not provided tickets to my family in exchange for our feedback, I might have been hesitant to go out of my way to attend this event- and I would have been wrong, wrong, wrong.

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#BigAppleCircus is a tent full of wild, crazy, and amazing… so, basically, it’s a circus. An awesome circus!

Inside the Big Apple Circus tent you’ll find a lot of things- a box of ferrets, a dancing camel, horse riding goats, and trained shelter dogs among them- but the single thing you’ll find most abundant is delight. The show is performed in a smaller than average tent, so you are never terribly far from the action. In fact, at times, the show actually comes out into the audience and you may find yourself becoming part of the show.

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Juiced limes for Fizzy Honey Limeade recipe Joy Makin Mamas

Fizzy Honey Limeade and #foodelicious Splash Party Recipe Roundup

If you’ve ever had a glass of fresh lemonade that still had gritty sugar on the bottom, you’ll understand why I say that using honey instead of sugar makes this recipe easier to make. (That’s a nice feature in any recipe for entertaining- because the objective is to make everything come together so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves, not to spend time wondering if the sugar is really dissolved enough or if everyone is chewing their drinks, right?)

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