Unequal Squirtgun Fights with Mud joy makin mamas

If you lie down in the mud, then… it must be summertime.

We’ve reached the point in August when I look at the calendar and realize how time has flown, and how few, few precious days of summer we have left to fit in all the fun things we wanted to do before school started. And also, we have to start cramming in doctor appointments and organize school clothes and… well. We are soaking up every delicious, sun drenched, dirty minute of it.

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Green is my color

For whatever reason, my record for seed starts is terrible. It’s not unusual for the “hardening off” process to kill off whatever has made it that long. Sometimes, there is one sad survivor that lives to tell the tale and remind me that I’m responsible for the massacre. This year, we are trying to buck the odds!

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Spring Blooms collage daffodil periwinkle and forsythia

Spring at last!

Spring took its sweet time this year, and now that it has arrived, it seems to be working by my personal motto: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. We had weeks of snow and drear and no flowers and now everything is arriving in the same week. Cherry blossoms, redbud trees, cup & saucer magnolias, daffodils, periwinkle, and forsythia are just a few. Sort of supports the theory that our late spring will also be short, as we move directly into summer. I hope you are also having beautiful weather and that you are able to make the most of it this weekend!

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