Heroic Princess Playdate ideas

Active Princess Playdate IdeasThe princess and the hero can be the same character, and nobody knows it better than our amazing, strong, funny, smart, and adventurous girls. (Be sure to check out our Dragons playdate post for additional ideas to go with this theme!)

The word “princess” conjures up ideas of the magical, the special, and of infinite possibilities. Unfortunately, popular culture seems to trying to squeeze princesses into a tiny little narrow definition of what the word means. But our bold, brave, strong, intelligent little girls are having NONE of it- and good for them. These playdate and story time ideas are perfect for heroes of all kinds- including those who hold dual status as princesses.


  • This book captures the magic of being a princess AND being who you truly are.
  • A collection of independent princess books from A Mighty Girl.
  • The Paper Bag Princess princess rescues herself, and expects as much of those who wish to woo her as she does of herself. A spectacular message for girls.


Dress Ups that won’t cramp your style

  • Toga dress up: for our egyptian warriors, here is a quick, no sew way to create a toga. (Technically not called a toga, but close enough for a playdate. Add a belt to hold it together and to carry all your essentials, and you’re good to go.) Make sure it’s short enough not to trip on and your little hero is good to go.
  • Wonder Woman Dress up ideas. Because Wonder Woman is wonderful and she is a bonafide Amazon Princess. But YOUR little princess probably wants an outfit that protects her knees from getting scraped and doesn’t ride up in uncomfortable places.
  • Superhero mask templates to make from felt or craft foam. Just add elastic.
  • Easy and creative crowns to make.
  • Cape or cloak– make it reversible or just grab a pack of clothespins and some old towels and let them decide.
  • The tabard was a favorite among knights of old. It let them pretty up their not at all attractive armor. Grab an old T-shirt and cut the sides and sleeves off. Iron on, stencil, or applique a design in the middle of either or both sides and add a belt. It’s washable, it’s lightweight, and if it gets trashed you can make a new one in five minutes or less. Here’s a diagram to help you understand how this works. Ignore the dimensions, they’re for adults.


How about you? What are your bold, brave, adventurous princesses favorites? Let us know down there in the comments. We love hearing from you! Have you tried any of these activities? Give us your feedback! Thanks, you’re the best!

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