Dragon Playdate and Story Time Ideas

Dragon Playdate and Story Time IdeasDaring princesses! Handsome knights! Fearsome (or just really misunderstood) dragons! Fodder for the imagination for sure. Who could resist mysterious animals, glamorous and fanciful outfits like armor, weaponry, feats of cunning and dazzling displays of smarts?

Well, probably someone, but not any kid I ever met. There are so many tales filled with dragons that you could easily integrate these activities into half a dozen other themes. They are also a great opportunity to shift the emphasis of fairy tale play away from “looking decorative.” There is an emphasis on prettiness that is gaining momentum in popular interpretations of fairy tales. Effective play encourages engagement and problem solving- and what could be more engaging than a quest?



Apparently, we love this subject around here because I’ve reviewed some of the books on this list already! (Click the links to read them.)


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