Card Sharps and Super Sleuths: Mamas Game Night In

Moms Night In ButtonThis week’s installment of Mom’s Night In ideas brings you some ideas for gatherings that challenge your wits. Kids keep us on our toes, but it’s more in a brute force, whack-a-mole kind of way, so challenge the subtler, clever side of your mind for a change with these ideas.

Bridge/Bunco/Penny Poker Night: Any of these popular games can be set up to involve a small buy in- like five or six dollars- per person. Alternatively, play them with markers and have the winner take home a door prize or gift basket. Be sure to develop some house rules and friendly traditions, and you’ll not only have great evenings, you’ll have fantastic stories to tell.

Bingo Night: Did you know this game comes with variations? I didn’t. Again, arrange a small buy-in or play for counters and a basket or door prize at the end of the night. You can also create custom bingo cards. Or, combine with a movie night and play Super Hero Movie Cliche Bingo, or create your own themed bingo game! (Use the custom bingo creator or your favorite word processor.)

Murder Mystery Night: Have everyone get into character using props or costumes, and not only will you figure out whodunnit, you’ll have some awesome pix for your next scrapbooking night. There are kits for these that you can order online or find at your local bookstore, or you can use one of the free plans available on the internet and put it together yourself. (And check out some Murder Mystery party planning ideas on Pinterest if you really want to take this above and beyond!)

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2 Comments on “Card Sharps and Super Sleuths: Mamas Game Night In”

  1. Very interesting. I’ve played all except “Bunco”. I first heard about it on Housewives of OC when Tamra Barney had one for the girls at her house. I had forgotten about it till now. will have to look up the rules and maybe introduce it at our weekly card party. Thanks.

  2. I would love to have a murder mystery party! What a fun idea. I love mysteries and I never thought of it. Thanks for the tips

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