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Old MacDonald Lesson Plan, playdate, or story time ideasOnce you and your kiddo have finished reading Old MacDonald Had a Dragon, he’ll want to carry the theme mouse/cookie style. My kids can’t get enough of little play animals and, of course- the beloved tractor. John Deere is a favorite around here. You’d think we lived somewhere rural, but nothing could be further from the truth.



Hands on Play

  • Play The Farmer in the Dell
  • Build a cardboard barn and a matching silo. (You can probably find a set of wooden or plastic animals at a thrift store, or cut some from cardboard. Add a toy tractor and some Lincoln Log paddocks and you’re all set.)
  • Start a mini green house.
  • Play “Old MacDonald Says.” (Just substitute Old MacDonald for Simon and proceed as usual.)
  • Have a “wheelbarrow” race. (Oh, gosh, the giggles when I tell my kid he’s about to be a wheelbarrow.)


Field Trips

  • Visit a nearby Pick Your Own farm.
  • visit a local farmer’s market or produce stand
  • Check for local farm parks and farm museums. (In Maryland, Oxon Hill Farm. In Virginia, Frying Pan Farm Park and Loudon Farm Museum.)
  • Visit your nearest John Deere dealer or the lawn and garden section of your local hardware store.

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How about you? Have you done a farm lesson or playdate? What would you add to our list? Or have you tried any of these activities with your kiddo? Put your feedback down there in the comment box! That’s what it’s for. Or submit a post or an idea. We love to hear from you!

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  1. what a great deal!!! I love your site. i just pulled my 3 year old out of pre school because i felt like i could do better job at teachiing him at home and save the money and your site has helped so much

  2. This is just so cute! My youngest would love this!

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