This year are you going to be ready or are you going to be present

Are you ready?

We think about being frugal with our money and using our time efficiently, but do we think about the way we spend our spirits? The constant struggle to “keep up,” to be “ready” is draining. It batters us, and it’s a burden we don’t share with our families. Every single woman I know carries this load alone, sometimes even with the added burden of criticism from a spouse who doesn’t understand why it’s important. It’s a bigger load at holiday time, but we carry it all year.

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Debt Free Holiday: Science Kids Edition

Science is amazing and, if you’re doing it right, loads of fun. It’s also EXPENSIVE. Or at least, it can be. If your kid’s favorite question is “how come?” then you’ve probably blown your mind more than once when you priced out gifts that would help her find out the answer… the good news is that there are fun, inexpensive science activities you can make or give as gifts. Your science kid won’t have to make do with theoreticals- he can get his hands dirty for real.

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