No Honey Honey Chicken Recipe

Mary-Alice’s No Honey Honey chicken

When I went away to college and got the rudest dietary shock of my entire life, I used to dream about this chicken at night. It is so, so, SO good and you never get tired of it. I even developed a vegan version of it during my vegetarian/dairy intolerant years, because I couldn’t live without it. The vegan version isn’t QUITE the same, but it’s very very good, and I served it to many a tofu hater who was pleasantly surprised to find they liked it.

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Slow Cooker Roast Cranberries

Crockpot Cranberries (and tips for pleasing a veg*an at Thanksgiving!)

Hold the phone! This recipe is so easy that it’s actually not too late to add it to your holiday list! And let me give you a little tip if you are expecting vegetarians to dinner this week. Make this and some quinoa, and add a green salad and a dish of toasted almond slivers to the table. (That sounds really good, doesn’t it? Ask about nut allergies, of course, and if you are using a bottled dressing, check the ingredients for things like anchovy paste. Yes, really, they like to sneak that one in there.) If you also make traditional favorites like sweet potatoes, squash, or (vegetarian) dressing, this will round out the meal for the veg folk and make sure everyone feels that excitement when they sit down at the table.

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