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Nobody loves the great outdoors more than we do! But it’s inevitable that sooner or later sick kids, bad weather, or other forces beyond our control will have us stuck inside. Once you’ve watched all of the kids’ shows on Netflix that don’t completely suck, what’s left? Join us for a hands-on series of posts on indoor play that will have you saving Netflix for “later.”

Latest Indoor Play Ideas Posts:

  • Give your kids the universe… in a box! Space Scouts Joy Makin' Mamas I want my kids to understand that the universe is vast and filled with endless possibilities- but I want to give them that information in installments they can absorb. Compared to interstellar travel, the monthly subscription cost is a bargain, and inside adventure awaits. read full post --->
  • Mish Mash Roll Pound Smash! A Playdough Playdate Brothers playing play doughThere seems to be something universally soothing about play dough. Or, perhaps I should say NEARLY universal. My littlest has yet to get over his bitter disappointment that play dough isn’t something to eat, and I’m told there are children with sensory issues who do not enjoy it at all. For most, though, it seems ...
  • Microwave Soap Clouds Making microwave soap clouds kitchen science indoor play activityWhen I saw this post, I thought, man, we’ve gotta do that! That has my dudes’ names written all over it! That rocks! So I added Ivory soap to my shopping list (this is very important- it’s all the air in that 99.44% that makes this trick work) and waited for a lull. I crept ...
  • Hey, Mr. Post Man stuffing the mailboxHey, Mr. Postman! There is nothing like pretend play to fill up a LOOOONG afternoon of being indoors, and the mechanics of mail delivery are the perfect foil. read full post --->
  • Let’s Get Messy: Shaving Cream Play Shaving Cream Play video…in which we learn that not every activity is a winner for every child. And that was the end of that. Notice, however, that he has shaving cream not only on the play kitchen, but also in his hair and on his clothes. By the time I clicked “stop” on this video, it was also on ...
  • Build engines of (minimal) destruction All you need to keep your kids occupied non-digitally on a super hot or rainy day is a glue gun, craft sticks, wooden clothes pins, masking tape, bottle tops, plastic spoons, rubber bands, and small size Lincoln logs or other small, glueable pieces from the thrift store or junk drawer. (If you want to take ...
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  2 Responses to “Better Than TV”

  1. These are great ideas! I used to set up stations around our family room when my daughter was a toddler. She had about 20 minutes at each station which was as long as her attention span was. Each station was different ie puzzles, coloring, play dough, doll house, etc.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. Grandkids come over and they are always looking for something to do.

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