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Manage your shopping list and search for recipes from across the web at Cookin’ Hot Mamas are always looking for a way to do something more quickly, easier, and, very importantly, healthier! We are busy moms feeding our kids real food- just like you!

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  • Time for a fallback plan… Black Beans and Rice Recipe square Joy Makin' MamasEven the best of us have had a day that got away from us and realized that everyone is hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge but a few paltry leftovers that won’t quite make a full dinner for the family and the last of the milk. Oops. Time for some PB&J, or to pull ...
  • We had a Kids’ Cookie Baking Adventure Party, and you can too! I did it Mimis Adventures in Baking review Joy Makin' MamasThanks to the review copy I received from Mimi’s Adventures in Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, we embarked on a Cookie adventure with our friends! Baking is a fantastic way to introduce kids to the kitchen, because they are really interested in the results. (I mean… chocolate chip cookies! Who doesn’t want those?) Mimi’s Adventures in ...
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Smoothie Recipe featuring @NielsenMassey vanilla cookie dough smoothie in a glass Joy Makin' Mamas RecipeSpoiler: Does not contain cookie dough! So when your brain, which frankly doesn’t have to wear jeans and therefore doesn’t care whether they fit or not, will not shut up about wanting cookie dough, try feeding it this instead, and see if you can distract it long enough to make a salad sound like a ...
  • Give a humble onion a star makeover and push it to the center of the plate. Stuffed Onion recipe horizontal Joy Makin' MamasHollowing an onion is not as hard as one might think, and these stuffed onions make what would otherwise be a plain-Jane casserole into a rock star entree that’s fancy enough for company, but easy enough for family dinners. read full post --->
  • Easy Lentil and Rice Pilaf – microwave OR slow cooker recipe Easy rice and lentil pilaf recipe slow cooker microwave joy makin' mamasI have always loved those rice pilaf mixes that come in a box. The ones with rice and pasta or rice and another grain, that come pre-seasoned. You know the ones! They are easy to make and they go well with lots of foods. Unfortunately, they tend to be really high in sodium, the price ...
  • New slow cooker cookbook takes your crock beyond soups and stews (+ recipes for you to try!) Easy Everyday Slow Cooker Recipes Review Joy Makin' MamasI have featured my bottom of the line, workhorse 4 quart slow cooker in my photos so often that I have occasionally thought maybe I should get a new one just so you guys would have something new to look at. I kept using it even after the original handle broke off- I just picked ...

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  1. The wealth of recipes you offer is wonderful and it is so nice to have them indexed by main ingredient. Thank you!

  2. So many great recipes I want to try!

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