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Manage your shopping list and search for recipes from across the web at Cookin’ Hot Mamas are always looking for a way to do something more quickly, easier, and, very importantly, healthier! We are busy moms feeding our kids real food- just like you!

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  • Sweet Potato Chicken Chili Recipe & Dei Fratelli Ripened Recipe Contest sweet potato chicken chili recipe Joy Makin MamasThis sweet potato chili is what I consider “Pretty spicy,” as in, “Serve with cornbread,” but not “don’t touch it with your skin because it’s chemical weapons spicy.” So grab an apron and let’s get our cook on. read full post --->
  • Honey Praline Bread Pudding Recipe honey praline bread pudding recipe Joy Makin MamasMy little guy declared it “honey cake” (Why? I have no idea, as it’s nothing like cake, but if it makes him happy, it makes me happy.) and kept trying to steal mine. (You’re lucky I got a photo for you, as he’s perfectly capable of inserting his spoon right into my photo shoot!) read ...
  • Sorry, honey, I’m busy exploding dinner. Cranberry Barley Casserole Process Photo Joy Makin MamasIt turns out that I’ve been endangering my family in the kitchen. Don’t worry, though, I’m prepared to distract you from that confession with a recipe for Cranberry Barley Vegetarian Casserole that will go over great at Thanksgiving dinner, or any time. read full post --->
  • 30 minute “Faux” Mein Recipe lo mein recipe plated joy makin mamasThis easy lo mein recipe is quicker than takeout, can be made with beef, chicken, or tofu, has vegetarian and vegan variations, and my husband said it was better than the restaurant version. The sauce only has four ingredients- five if you count water. Everybody has got time for that! read full post --->
  • No Bake Sea Salt Brownie Protein Bars sea salt brownie protein bars vegan no bake peanut freeNo bake. Fudgy. Full of good stuff. And… sea salt brownie. These easy protein bars are a perfect on-the-go breakfast or post workout snack! read full post --->
  • Chocolate Gingersnap Muffins chocolate gingersnap muffins recipeRelax, you aren’t serving cookies for breakfast… it just tastes like you are. The tops of these muffins look and taste just like giant, chocolate gingersnap cookies, but there’s good stuff inside- including whole grains! read full post --->

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